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Here's some websites I use:

Website Address Type Price Coding
Youtube https://youtube.com/ video sharing site Free N/A
Neocities https://neocities.org/ 3d Models Free! Yes (html)
Clara.io htpps://.clara.io Online 3D Modeling Free(optional paid content) No
Poligon https://www.poliigon.com/ Textures Free(optional paid content) No
SketchFab https://sketchfab.com/ 3d Models Free(optional paid content) No
PlayCanvas https://playcanvas.com/ 3D Game Engine Free(optional paid content) Yes/No
Blender https://www.blender.org 3D Cad(render and game) Free all the way! Optional(Python)/No
CG Trader https://www.cgtrader.com/ 3D Models Free/Paid No
Blend swap https://www.blendswap.com/ 3D Models Free No
3>Games i play: welcome
Game Platform
Fallout 4 Console / PC
Destiny 1 & 2 Console / PC
Tom Clancey's Rainbow Six Siege Console / PC
Minecraft Console / PC / Moble / Switch
Digital Paint: Paintball 2 PC
Battlefeild 1 Console / PC
Battlefront 1 & 2 Console / PC
Team Fortress 2 PC
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 Console / PC