And it ain't noise pollution either!

Some say it makes kids do dumb crap. Untrue! Mumble rap does that (lol jk). Your actions are your own! If it has a bad message, ignore it.

reasons why it aint bad:

  1. Bible says nothing against it
  2. RNR does not control you
  3. No band ever worshiped Satan
  4. Band members are chill IRL
  5. Fans mostly love the sound, not message

descriptions of list

1) There are no real scriptures against RNR. Or any kind of music for that matter...

2) Your choices, not music lyrics

3) Iron Maiden covers may look like a Satan propoganda poster, but thats just an act

4) Alice Cooper is not like what he is on stage

5) I like Highway to Hell, but I would never try it IRL

People associategood ol' RNR with the devil. Understandable, because many bands have done such. But i think of it in a different light; it's a way to mock him. My analogy for it is a little stale but it works: God likes it when we play music and such, Satan hates us and Gods creation. So by linking Satan and Music, were making fun of him. Yea i know, a little stale but wutever


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